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Our Story

On a mission to create awareness of botanicals' powerful natural healing properties to the mass.

Vinz Wellness was established in June 2021.

As a victim of chronic sinus issues since she was young, our founder has been on a tumultuous journey looking for ways to alleviate her chronic sinusitis symptoms. The problems were so disruptive that they impacted her livelihood. Being unable to be productive, her sensitive nose constantly disrupted her life.

Sleepless nights. Painful days. Embarrassing moments. You name it. Desperate to change the way things her, she has tried all sorts of methods and solutions, from Western to Traditional Chinese medicines and remedies. Thousands are spent on countless products, but nothing changes.

Until Life Roots

One fateful event after another, she came across Life Roots Clear and met the team of scientists behind Life Roots. Though initially filled with scepticism after being failed by many products and solutions, she tried it anyway. Because, why not? Plus, the price was very reasonable. Within a month, she can finally live an active, fruitful life.

Since then, she has been on a mission to help others who silently suffer like her. Her aligned belief in natural remedies with the team behind Life Roots allows her to delve deeper. She wants to understand the different curative botanical properties so she can help others inundated by ailments.

Today, our founder has helped many people build stronger immunity to relieve their ailments. All of which are return customers today believing in the same ethos.

Vinz Wellness is also recruiting agents. We are looking for more like-minded people to spread awareness of long-term health through natural plant bioactive compounds made possible with science.

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